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Application Development

Our programmers and developers team has a good proficiency in the field of web based application building. We build more than hundreds of cloud backed cross platform mobile Application every month. Building a solid app, faster on all platform, compatible with almost all mobile platform such as Android, Firefox, IOS, ubuntu etc is not that simple. But our experts can handel it easily.

At Revotic Engineering Pvt Ltd, we specialize in everything from web and mobile applications to cloud-based services we render customized, high quality and out-of-the-box apps that successfully lowers down an enterprise’s development expenses and offers an optimal apps solution with outstanding features and interface.

Android App development

With well over a billion Android handsets in circulation and two million Android devices activated every day, this platform is a juggernaut. Android with its open platform backing of Google, and widespread distribution must be a key part of any mobile strategy.

Revotic Engineering Pvt Ltd bring experience when it comes to addressing the unique challenges posed by developing Apps for the Android OS. Some of these challenges include a lack of hardware standardization, software fragmentation, security, and patent related issues.

Web Development

PWA’s are one of the ways that companies can make their web apps load faster, perform better as well as provide push notifications and a local cache to give users a native-like experience. PWA’s essentially are websites that use contemporary web standards that allow for installation on a user’s computer or device yet deliver an app-like experience to those users. So in a nutshell, a PWA is a web app that brings the app experience that we know by now from our mobile devices directly, through the web. This means that users don’t have to install an application on a device but can still experience its full potential over the web.

Data Driven Decision

Our mobile application development practise provides businesses with a proven approach to define a mobile strategy that best fits the needs of your business, target markets and audiences. Plus, people and devices are generating vast amounts of data. Location data, sensors and social media driven data all provide unique opportunities to generate data “assets”. The ability to then aggregate and generate insights across your audiences, devices and channels help inform business decisions and marketing strategy. Analytical insights help clients learn, innovate make evidence-based decisions such as whether to add or retire features or functionality, and ultimately be able to leap ahead of the competition.

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